Matt “SMG” Lozano | 10 for 10 #14

The CFFC 62 hype train is starting to gather momentum and rightfully so as this card is STACKED on Dec 17th. This very well could be the card where 2-3 guys are called up to the UFC and one such guy is our feature today. He goes by the nickname “SMG” and is none other than Matt Lozano (@mmasmg). Matt comes in riding a 4 fight win streak and is one of the hottest names in all of MMA not in the UFC. He faces off with Sean Santella who is coming back to the CFFC and a win here for Matt should be enough to get him that call up in many people’s opinion. So take a minute to follow him on social media (FB fan page Matt “SMG” Lozano or IG and Twitter @mmasmg) and now let’s get to meet the man behind the gloves.

Hey Matt, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule. Take a minute and bring us back to the beginning. What got you into the world of MMA and what is your favorite aspect of being a professional fighter?

Lozano: I fell into this, it was never a goal to be a fighter. I enjoyed training and thought eventually I’d give it a shot. Chad Strawbridge exposed me to the sport, he seen me training then asked if I had fought before, maybe he was impressed I don’t know. I love fighting that’s it, I find joy in punching people.

Nice man and after watching you fight I know the people on the receiving end of those punches don’t find that same joy haha. Talk to us about who you are as a fighter, what’s your style? If you had to compare yourself to a UFC fighter who would it be and why?

Lozano: I think I’m an exciting fighter with a fan friendly style, I don’t go out to get beat on, I’m never broken in my fights so I’ll be there from start to finish and I’m always dangerous. I think you’ll see a different fighter this go around without giving too much away. I’m my own fighter. I try and be the best SMG. As for comparisons, I’ll leave that up to the fans.

Nice man and I agree you have a very fan friendly style. Why should people start to take notice of the man known as SMG, also that’s a pretty badass nickname, tell us how you got it?

Lozano: If they haven’t noticed me yet, Dec 17th will be a good introduction to who I am and what I do. Haha, the nickname came from my gamer tag. A few of my friends came to my first fight halfway through everyone was chanting “SMG SMG SMG” it stuck.

Hey another fighter who is a gamer! After seeing your striking and how fast it is I think it’s a good fit. Now throughout your career you have fought in a couple different promotions like the WCC and Bellator, you’re now making your CFFC debut and it’s for a title! What drew you to the CFFC and do you feel there is any added pressure seeing this is for a title?

Lozano: Anyone that knows me knows there is never any pressure. I enjoy this, the best fighters bring out the best SMG. CFFC is the place with the “best” 125er. I’m a competitive person I want to see where I stand and I’m willing to put it on the line. I was against having belts coming up in the regional promotions it came with added baggage I didn’t want, I just wanted to fight. At this point the belts mean more and it’s time to start collecting.

Well you get that chance and against who many would say is one of the best 125er’s in the world but we will get to that in a minute. Now you are currently riding a 4 fight win streak after dropping a fight in WSoF due to an arm injury. How nice was it to get back to the winner circle and do you feel as if you are at the top of your game now, why or why not?

Lozano: I grew up after that. I’m more in the moment than ever before I’m smarter about how I’m fighting. I’m just starting to peak.

Nice man! Ok let’s get right to it, CFFC 62 you face one of the faces that made the CFFC in Sean Santella. When you look at him on tape what do you see? You haven’t been shy in telling people you plan on finishing the fight in the 3rd round, care to elaborate? How do you see it finishing?

Lozano: I respect what he’s done, he was the top of hill when I was just starting up. I watch some tape on him but like I said I don’t see him beating me at my best. This has been a fight that I’ve wanted for a long time, it just had to be the right timing. I see many holes in his game that we plan on exploiting and they will lead to a finish. I don’t plan on a certain shot to take him out anything can happen but I’ll put his chin to the test.

I like it man! This fight has fight of the night written all over it as you are both insanely aggressive! Now Sean recently returned a jab saying “I’ve fought better strikers.” How would you respond to that and do you feel he is overlooking your impressive ground game? I mean half of your victories have come via submission.

Lozano: That’s the mindset to have, but he hasn’t fought SMG and there’s a special SMG coming for him. It’s no secret what I want to do, I’ll find his chin. I’m confident in my ground game he obviously has the mindset that his is better and as a fighter that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s why we fight and that’s why this fight is going to be so exciting.

Couldn’t agree more! We all know about Sean being called up to the UFC and it falling apart last second, I assume your end goal is to be at the top promotion in the world in the UFC. Do you feel a win and a win via finish is what can get you that call from Dana or do you feel you still need to accomplish more?

Lozano: My goal is Sean Santella. We all want to be there or be in a position to make this pay off.

I can respect that! Now I have gotten to check out a couple of your highlights via YouTube and lets just say the action outside of the cage is as crazy as inside. You’re fans ARE CRAZY!!! Speaking of your fans, not only do they seem to have your back at all times but they also are rumored to have called for this fight. Now it’s in your backyard of PA. What do your fans mean to you and if you could tell them one thing what would it be?

Lozano: What can I say my fans are the best! My fans are everything the energy they bring is amazing, I feed off it. So many people think this fight makes sense not just my fans but, I agree with them. Not many fighters willing to put it on the line like we are.

Couldn’t agree more! Ok we know your time is short as you are preparing for this fight, are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention before we let you go?

Lozano: Thanks to my management Jimmy Binns my Team at Gracie 717 and my strength trainer Wayne Mutata bringing SMG to new levels. The people can check out my FB fan page Matt “SMG” Lozano or IG and Twitter @mmasmg for a list of sponsors soon. My wife she’s my biggest supporter.

There you have it fight fans, SMG Matt Lozano. CFFC 62 is under 30 days away so make sure to make plans to meet us in South Philly at the 2300 Arena that night or tune in via GTV because this card is insane! We want to thank Matt for taking the time to sit down with us and we will see you next time!

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