“Cleveland Assassin” Chris Lozano | The Interview #43

Recently Bellator debuted their own version of a reality based fighting show called  “Fight Master” on Spike TV (Wednesday nights) and it to be honest is a breath of fresh air in the world of reality MMA TV. All the contestants have been in the world of MMA for a while or done something with their lives. They have guys like UFC vet Joe Riggs and today we got the chance to sit down with another well known fighter on the Fight Master roster, Bellator vet Chris Lozano. The man known as the “Cleveland Assassin” is currently 10-3 and coming off a win vs James Warfield in the NAAFS. So take a minute to sit down and get to know the name (that you should already know) and follow him on Twitter @JustChrisLozano.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule to sit down with us here on ArtofMMA.com. Can you take a minute and talk to us about what got you into the world of MMA?

Lozano: Thanks for having me guys. I have always been involved with some sort of martial art my entire life whether it was wrestling, Tae Kwon Do or the rest and I always enjoyed fighting so it was kinda a no brainer. I would see people crying when they got in fights but man I was like “let’s do it again”. It was a pretty easy choice seeing how much the sport was blowing up and been here ever since.

Nice! Now we have seen a lot of the fighters on Fight Master in the age range of 28+, your 30 and in terms of pro sports you are getting up there in age. Now there are always exceptions like Randy Couture but do you feel the pressure to get what you can get out of MMA now or do you take a relaxed approach?

Lozano: Man I just go with the flow, I just turned 30 and I do what I love and that takes a lot of pressure off me. If you love what you do then it doesn’t wear on you. I keep in great shape which is awesome so no I don’t really feel any added pressure.

That is good to hear! So you are pretty active on social media like Twitter, do you feel it important to stay in touch with your fans?

Lozano: I love my fans and really enjoy talking to them. It is cool to see what they have to say but in all reality I use that for entertainment and could do without it, Twitter followers are not gonna make or break me but like I said it is cool to keep in touch with the fans and talk with them. But make no mistake without fans and media there would be not fight game, no UFC no nothing. No matter what anyone says they do it all for the fans and media because they keep the sport going.

Reciently you got into a war of words on Twitter with former TUF contestant and new Bellator fighter War Machine, what was that all about and have you guys put that behind you or is it still on going?

Lozano: I will say this upfront I do respect his I don’t give a damn attitude but I have always wanted to fight War Machine. He acts like a bully so he is easy to not like but we all know he is soft as baby poo, hell we saw him crying all over TUF. I am not the type of guy to hide behind a DM or a text, I put it out there for everyone to see. But truth be told it was for entertainment, do I wanna fight him hell yeah but entertainment was the reason I called him out. I have a lot of respect for guys like Chael Sonnen for calling people out because it was his nature, he doesn’t hide behind a fake personality.

I think that is a fight we would all like to see! So getting back to Fight Master, what was it that made you want to go on the show and was it weird seeing another vet like Joe Riggs?

Lozano: I saw this as an opportunity to get back with Bellator and I was already training so it was an easy choice. As for Joe man I saw him walk in and I was like oh there’s Joe Riggs. Wasn’t really surprised or anything and it’s cool to see they are mixing it up with different levels of experience.

It was a surprise to see him with 60 pro fights and all, but it is a good addition to the roster. Now you fight out of Team Evolve, talk to us a little about what makes that place so special.

Lozano: Well I started at Strong Style MMA that had guys like Stipe Miocic but I had been there for 5 years and I needed to switch it up. I do believe that you should train at as many places as you can as a fighter because one gym can’t do it all. I am very happy at Evolve and it has some of the best coaches in the game. But who knows I may switch it up again before I am done.

Nice, now it’s time for the age old Fight Club Question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone no matter weight class or time period who would it be and why?

Lozano: My son’s mother hahah that was a joke. But I don’t really have anyone to call out but if I was looking for an exciting fight fans would love to see I am sure Cowboy Cerrone and I could put on a hell of a show. We know each other and used to train but we had a falling out but I am sure a fight could fix that. I don’t mean that in a calling out way but we all know how if guys have a problem and they knock each other around they are good and I am sure that would be the case. He is a good guy.

I hear you on that! Now looking at your career you have had some huge accomplishments like beating Yoshida. In your eyes what is your top highlight?

Lozano: The Yoshida win was pretty awesome for not only myself but for Bellator in that they had brought in a guy in Yoshida who if he beat me they had a superstar fighting for them but if I won they had kinda made a superstar. It was a fun experience. I actually had to sign a contract saying if I beat him I would stay because he had just come in from the UFC.

But my top accomplishment would be self growth. MMA has changed my life for the better but it was one of those things I didn’t realize till later in life how much it had helped me. I don’t think fans really see we are all normal guys, there are no good guys and bad guys in the sport. The way people look at us all comes from the marketing dept in the ways they put us on posters to the quotes they use on TV. We are all pretty much good guys with families and people we care about, this is just our job.

I think that may be the first time someone has mentioned that! Awesome point Chris. Last question before we let you go, if you could give one piece of advice to fans of MMA and someone thinking about getting into the world of MMA what would it be?

Lozano: To the fans: Never forget this is entertainment, like I just said we are normal people with families. We get killed in the media for things we say because we don’t cover up who we really are, it pisses me off to see guys get killed for using certain words or speaking their mind when asked. There are lots of personalities in this sport and if you ask certain questions be ready for the real answer.

For someone thinking about getting into MMA:

Secure a Plan B. Make sure to get an education or trade for after your career is over because 99% of us are not going to make it to the level of a GSP or Anderson Silva, it just ain’t gonna happen. I see it happen all the time when someone goes all in to MMA and doesn’t make it and has nothing to fall back on. This world is not as easy as it looks on TV and the risk doesn’t always equal the reward especially at the lower levels. So make sure you got a backup plan.

Well thank you so much for the time and best of luck not only on Fight Master but in everything you do. There you have it fight fans now get over to Twitter and follow Chris @JustChrisLozano.

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