Death of the Territories: Expansion, Betrayal and the War that Changed Pro Wrestling Forever by Tim Hornbaker

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For years, distinct pro wrestling territories thrived across North America, each delivering their own localized brand of wrestling adored by fans. But an ambitious third-generation businessman saw cable TV as his chance to take his promotion national - and Vincent Kennedy McMahon seized the opportunity.

With never-before-seen ideas and fearlessness, McMahon waged war on the territories, raided their top talent, and expanded his own empire. He created WrestleMania, invaded the pay-per-view field, and changed pro wrestling forever. Death of the Territories offers an in-depth look at McMahon's success, as well as the promoters who faced him - their power moves and blunders included. An essential read for pro wrestling fans craving to understand how McMahon beat the competition!

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