Dynamite and Davey: The Explosive Lives of the British Bulldogs by Steven Bell

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    Dynamite and Davey is the explosive story of cousins Tom Billington and Davey Boy Smith, who broke from their small town in the north of England to become global wrestling superstars. Together they became The British Bulldogs and tag team champions of the world. But their demons outmuscled them, and their tragedy outlasted their glorious triumphs.

    Author Steven Bell wrote a tale of triumph and tragedy. He took a deep look inside the lives of The British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid.

    Bell did an incredible job diving deep into the lives of the cousins, following their journeys to the top and the tragic downfalls.

    The foreword is written by Hart family member, Ross Hart and the afterword by the Dynamite Kid's daughter, Bronwyne 

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