Is That Wrestling Fake? The Bear Facts by Ivan Koloff & Scott Teal

Paperback $36 from Amazon (Kindle version $9.99)

Did you know Ivan Koloff wrote a book with author Scott Teal about professional wrestling?

The book details Ivan's life from growing up on a farm in Ontario to his days as the Russian villain. It includes 205 photos from Ivan's life and career.

For fans of professional wrestling, the question "Is That Wrestling Fake?" has lingered for decades. Ivan Koloff, a wrestling superstar who pinned Bruno Sammartino to win the WWWF heavyweight title, was one to make even the most cynical viewer believe. After spending his youth on a farm in Ontario, learning the value of discipline and hard work, wrong choices led Ivan to prison. But afterward he entered a wrestling school, and became Red McNulty, the Irish Rogue.

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