Pure Dynamite: The Price You Pay for Wrestling Stardom by Tom Billington

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The late great Dynamite Kid in his own words. From the beginnings as a young lad in England to the bright lights around the world.

Pure Dynamite takes a no-holds-barred look at the life of Tom Billington, the Dynamite Kid. For 16 years, he performed on the global stage as both a solo wrestler and half of the world-renowned British Bulldogs tag team. Twice a champion, Billington was featured in Playboy magazine and was a bonafide superstar. However, after retiring in 1993, he had little to show for his years of wrestling besides scars and memories.

As a pioneering star of the World Wrestling Federation, Billington's journey follows the emergence of the WWF - from its beginnings to after the historic WrestleMania event at Madison Square Gardens in 1985. He encountered top promoters and battled some of pro-wrestling's most renowned icons. His story is an honest account of the joys and struggles of a sport that is still flourishing today.

Now confined to a chair, his back and legs seriously damaged, damaging steroid use has also taken its toll on Billington's heart and life. Pure Dynamite offers a sobering look into a wrestling great's world, as well as a cautionary tale.

Pure Dynamite is filled with Tom Billington's own take on some of his biggest and most controversial moments. He pulled no punches and told you exactly what he thought.

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