The Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart

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From the Dungeon to the bright lights of the WWF and even briefly, WCW, Bret "The Hitman" Hart traveled the roads, flew the miles and put in the work. In his own words, Bret Hart gives his story and pulls no punches, names the names and shares everything from triumph to tragedy.

The 6th born son of Stu and Helen Hart, Bret was born into the business of professional wrestling. A Canadian hero and multiple time World Champion. From his amateur wrestling days to the first time he stepped foot into a Stampede Wrestling ring for his father. Nothing was easy, and Bret worked for everything he got. 

During his teenage years, he had the potential to become an Olympic wrestler, but he chose to follow in his family's footsteps by joining the wrestling scene. For over two decades, Hart documented his experiences in an audio diary, sharing tales of the rigorous travel, pranks, temptations, and authentic rivalries within the industry.

This compelling and unfiltered autobiography by Bret Hart, The Hitman, provides a rare glimpse into the fast-paced world of professional wrestling, captivating readers of all backgrounds. While best known for his career in the WWF and WCW, Hart's journey to superstardom was not without its sacrifices, including betrayal by his longtime employer Vince McMahon, the tragic death of his brother Owen during a stunt, and his own physical struggles following a concussion in the ring. Through his personal account, readers gain insight into the grit and determination of a true champion.

Widely renowned among his colleagues as one of the top experts and performers in the industry, Hart explains professional wrestling as a combination of dance, acting, and dangerous physical exertion. He takes pride in the fact that throughout his entire career, he never caused serious harm to another wrestler, while always striving to provide fans with an authentic and thrilling experience. He also documents the devastating consequences the business can have on its participants, estimating that twenty or more of his regular opponents have tragically passed away due to their reliance on drugs, alcohol, and steroids. This toll even includes his own brother-in-law, Davey Boy Smith.

Bret Hart offers a unique perspective on the world of wrestling, revealing a lifestyle unlike any other. Throughout my own career, I have encountered deceitful individuals, but have also witnessed the positive aspects of professional wrestling. It is intriguing to see a close-knit community of strong individuals who simulate harm for entertainment instead of causing real damage. This portrayal of pro wrestling is truly remarkable.

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